Sunday, April 15, 2012

To GrAnDmA's AnD bEyOnD!

Our journey begins with Chels at CCHS. 
She was inducted into Honors Society.

Dad is proud.

Our travels next take us to Zephyr Cover where it snowed
(a lot)...

and where we watched the 182nd. General Conference.
Favorite talk?  Hmm, I think Elder Holland's:
with Elder Uchtdorf's a close second:

Home again, home again
(to wallpaper the entry hall.)
A before photo:
Okay, so this one's really old,
but it was the only one I could fine.
(Merry Christmas--4 years ago.)

And poof!
...An after photo!

Now, quickly sew an Easter dress for a
darling granddaughter.
('Really doesn't matter what it looks like,
because she is so cute
anything looks adorable on her!)

And then off to...

where you ride on...

Thunder Mountain,

pose for pictures on Splash Mountain,

eat churros,


hang out with pirates.

The Matterhorn's still there
but it's closed for renovation.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle's still there too.

But I think my current favorite ride is the
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

(It's way too amazingly clever.)

Of course, Mr. Toad's wild ride is always great.

The day before Easter, we traversed to the LA Temple.

Chels and her cousin, Kaylee, babysat outside while...
my sweet sis-in-law went through
for the first time.

(What a great day!)

We were at my favorite darling mother's home
for her fabulous Easter egg hunt...

where if you look high and low...
you can collect quite a bit of candy and cash.

N8 says, "Grandma's house is definitely
the happiest place on earth"...

"with the temple a close second,
and Disneyland a third!"

(Happy belated Easter, everyone!)


Schmath said...

Way to go, Chels! Your kids are so awesome.

Love the new wallpaper! And the old wallpaper too! I almost put some like that in my basement.

Kim said...

I also love the wallpaper!

And I agree with your conference top picks...first place Holland, second place Uchtdorf.

You guys are always having tons of fun!

Jamie said...

You guys always do so many fun things! I love the new entryway wallpaper too! That Easter dress is so cute, you are so talented. And congrats to Laura-what a cool experience! I love Grandma's house too!

kate said...

I love the new wallpaper and Debbie's pose at splash mountain, but most of all we love all of you, and miss you!