Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'TiMe tO pLaY cAtCh-Up!

'Guess it's time to report back on what's been going on here.

Well, Valentine's Day was fun.

Here are some flowers from my sweetheart:

I love daisies.

I love pink.

What could be better?

(And have you ever heard of flowers lasting for a month?? Amazing!)

Chels got some fluffy pillows.

Craig got a vet vest.

(Okay, so he loves it, because I made it.)

N8 got a Mustang "safety belt" belt.

('Never got a picture of it--have you ever seen one?)

Darren, Marie, Carter, and Ady came to visit.

(Der had an 11-day CPA stint in Elko--he drove up.

Marie, Chels, and the little ones flew.)

N8, Carter, and Bob (he's the dog) are playing the organ here.

Here's Ady and Gpa.

(True love.)

Then, off to the SL Temple for Kent's wedding.

(Us, girls drove. Carter chaperoned. Der, BJ, and Cami joined us later.)

In this picture, 4 darling grandchildren plus one cutie grandniece all outside the temple!

And who did we see while there????

None other than F.D. Devin!

(He was attending a sealing right down the hall from Kent and Stacey.)

Meantime, back on the home front...

Craig had to work, and N8 had a track meet.

Craig was also in charge of the "Friends of Scouting" chili, cake-auction ward dinner.

(Do you see him back there?)

'About 180 people came.

Cakes were bid on.

(Hey, do you see Uncle Verl?)

N8 and Craig engineered this "strawberry delight".

The evening was a success.

The $ was raised for BSA.

(A good time was had by all.)

In other news...

Otis, N8's cat was hit by a car or had a fall or something.

Craig xrayed and did an exploratory surgery.

The damage was severe.

He had to be put down.

We really miss him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AgAiNsT tHe WiNd

N8 had his first track meet.
It was cold.
It was windy,
and it was held at Silver Stage.
He ran the 2nd. leg of the 4 X 800 relay.
(They came in first!)
He ran the 1600.
Then he ran the 800....
And here's what happened on the last leg:

Go, N8!

Faster, N8!

And pass!


In other news....
Marie, Carter, and Ady are visiting.
(What fun!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HoNkY tOnK!

Solo Ensembles were held last weekend.
Chels participated.
She played Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag"


received the rating of

"Command Performance".

This means a trip to State Solo Ensembles.

'Couldn't get her video to download,


here are some pics of her playing music:

7 year old violin recital

9 years old

10 years old

11 years old

12 years old

And now!
Congratulations, Chels!