Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WhAt ChA' dOiN'?????

'Not a whole lot
since school has started,
we did go to Tahoe where....

Chels modeled her shorty-shorts, and

N8 showed off the latest in footwear.

F.D.C. lounged on the beach
while Chels and N8 raced

the local boats.

'Gotta love that place!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Wasn't it just yesterday that we had the last day of school?

Summers are meant for hopping in the family car

and taking off to fun destinations

the Union Museum in Odgen, Utah,

the Logan Temple,
or a family reunion at Bear Lake.
(That's the Severson Family. There were 54 of us, which
leads one to wonder,
where do you house 54 people at one time under one roof???)
Try a 8800 sq. ft. vacation home
with 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.
('Yep, that's all one home.
It was amazing, to say the least!)
Summers are meant for visiting where great and great, great
grandparents were born and lived,

and going on hikes...
to places like Mount Timpanogas.
Summers are meant for mingling with friends,

and meeting new men,
but not for cooking and cleaning!
(At least, that's what the kids say.)

But, alas....

whoa is me....
school started again on Wednesday.
No more partying!
(This is Chels' designer party
for Scout who has now been
with us for one year.)
Time to hit the books!
(Chels' reconfigured notebook--her old one was breaking apart.
She couldn't find one that she liked,
so, we recovered it!)
Have a great 2010 - 2011 school year everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

EfY fUn!

What do two cousins do
in the midst of summer
for fun?
Why, go to Rexburg and attend EFY at BYU I--
where you can:
Stay in the college apartments.
(I like the "marriage guarantee" sign.)

Mingle with counselors.

(This one said that he first met his future wife at EFY
before his mission.
The only problem is, he hasn't seen her since!)

Attend great classes.

Hang out with the guys.

Attend the temple.

That's the Rexburg, ID Temple.
(It's really beautiful, isn't it?)

EFY wasn't cheap
but well worth it.
(I think that I'll start saving now to send N8 and her next year.)
Thanks for the ride, FDSK and FDBILD!
(And thanks for being a FDR, Kaylee!!)