Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DaRn Us!

So, the week went by.
Did we do anything fun?
Did we take any pictures?
Darn us!
We are slackers of the very best kind!
Hence, we'll just tell our story....
(and use some very old pictures!)

On Veteran's Day....

(This is Gpa Earl Leslie Mathews who served in WWI.)

N8 and his buddies worked on their Deciduous Forest Biome Project.

(But this is not the group that he worked with. These are his dungeons and dragons buddies.)


Mom raked leaves*.

(*These are last years' leaves--not to be confused with this year's leaves.)

The following day was Friday.

It was originally supposed to be a furlough day but got reinstated.

Craig had the day off so ...

we took off to Tahoe,
and went hiking!
Come on--would such cute, innocent-looking kids play hooky???

Then on our way home, we went to the Reno Temple.
('Yep, you're right.
That's the Nauvoo Temple from our '06 family reunion.)
Saturday morning, we went to the World Wide Leadership Broadcast.
(You can actually watch it already online if you like.)
Afterwards we...
raked more leaves!
What else?
(Remember last year's amazing amount? I think we matched it.)
How many leaves does a tree produce????

Then, we burned them.
(This is the pyrotechnic crew from a few years back.)

Saturday night, Chels, N8, Mom, and Gma went to a play.
(The above is a picture of Chels playing Marley in the 4th. grade production of "Scrooge"--ooooh, scary!)

On Sunday, Mom took off to visit the last 2 Primary Sacrament Programs in...

Silver Springs (which is about 30 miles southwest of us),

Fernley (30 miles west of Fallon).
(They are always fun.)
that's what happened last week!
(From, us slackers.)
Have a very happy (and grateful) Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 1, 2010

NeVaDa DaY wEeKEnD

Well, here's a recap of last week:
The regional cross country meet was held at San Rafael Park.
Chels ran in the 3A meet.
We then hurried home for the Ward Trunk or Treat Party...
where N8 played for the talent show portion.

Since Friday was a state holiday (and even Craig was off),
our family drove up to Reno...
and excitedly painted the trim on Der & Marie's old home.
Ta da!
How's it look?

'Needing some R and R, we spent a night a Tahoe, but...
we came home...
so Chels could be a princess
for the Stake Dance.