Sunday, January 9, 2011

wHaT tO dO WhEn It'S CoLd

What to do when it's cold outside:

1. Go to Tahoe

2. Shovel snow!

When and if you find a home under all of that...

3. Check out the icicles

4. Go skiing!

The lake may be shrouded in clouds,

yet, it's blue

and beautiful


And after having your fill of fun,

it might just be time to venture home,
5. Check out the pogonip!
(It's white. It's frosty. It's beautiful.
I surely like it best when the sun pokes through
and melts it into oblivion.)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh, WoW --iT's fInAlLy A lOnG-aWaItEd PoSt!

Do we have a bit of catching up to do--
so grab a drink and a snack, and maybe don your pajamas.
(You just might be here for a while.)
As you recall....
we last left you in November awaiting Thanksgiving Day, where....
Brandon and Cami, Easton, Lily, and Talon came to visit.

And, the first, Great Schank Pumpkin Pie Chase was held!
(It was a 5k beginning and ending at our home
while running the slopes of Rattlesnake Hill.)
Above please see the illustrious runners displaying their amazing prizes.

Blink, and we now fast-forward to Craig's birthday
celebrated at the conclusion of Fast Sunday and just prior to
the First Presidency Devotional.
(And, might I add, a good time was had by all.)

Time for Christmas already, so let's take a quick trip down to southern Cal to visit
Gma Mathews where...

Several attempts were made to refinish a carousel horse for F.D. Aunt Chris.
(The verdict is still out whether we were successful or not. Craig was our best painter.)

Fun games were played (Gma has a Wii!), and ...

yummy meals were eaten.

The latest in Christmas Eve pjs were modeled.
Chels donned her "designer Christmas shirt"
(most certainly destined to be a one-of-a-kind!)

Santa brought N8 a 22,

and Chels a ring--not a ring tone.
('Still no cellphone for that one.)
And good, ole Scout got a coat!
We love Gma Mathews!

On the road home
('Need we say more?)

Returning to Fallon, guess who got her drivers' permit?

'So what are doing now that we are home?
Well, making snow burgers, for one thing
(Thanks to Chef N8).