Sunday, October 24, 2010

LeT's Go Up To ThE rOoF!

Time for a new roof.
so here's a before picture:
It rained Sunday night,
and the construction team arrived on Monday morning.

First, they tore off all of the shingles.

What a mess!
(There was probably 1/2 ton of dirt with it.)

Then, up went the tar paper.

And finally, the new composite roof!

They were done late on Friday.

(And it rained Saturday.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

X cOuNtRy - ThE sPaRkS iNviTaTiOnAl

So, how do you run
a x-country race?
Well, if you're a girl,
first, you put your hair in a pony tail,
(and look cute.)
Then, you hang around the starting line
(with the 19 other competing schools).

Wait, for the whistle,
and run!
After about a mile,
round the first bend, and
you're ready to tackle the tunnel.
Run another mile and a half,
and come back through the tunnel.
After 3 miles, you're ready for the home stretch.
Go, Chels!
And, you're home!
Now, if you're a boy,
look over the map.
(Don't worry about looking cute.)
Line up.
And gooooooooooo!

'Rounding the first bend and...

into the tunnel!

Under the road, up through the hills, back down through the tunnel again,
and out!
Woo-hoo--the home stretch, and...time to relax!
Only two meets left--
one at the boys' juvey school ('bet Chels runs extra fast),
and the other is regionals.
It's been a fun season!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ThE rEcItAl

Just last Saturday was
the annual
piano recital.

N8 played "Malaguena".
(Craig thought he should have donned a pencil mustache, red sash, and bullfighter's cape.)

Chels played "Maple Leaf Rag".

Come on, N8--smile for the camera.

Almost there.

Ah-ha! A smile!
Today they begin practicing
songs for Christmas.
(What songs would you suggest?)

In other breaking news...
our YW & YM went to the Reno Temple.
(That's a big group!)

(Our family traveled home via Scheels.)

And yet, more news...
Chels and N8 received the coveted YM/YW "Know-it-all" Awards,

N8 is now a Life Scout,

and Chels and N8's school pics came out.

We bought the CD, so we can post them all over the place!
(Hmmm, 'have to print a copy for Maddie and Scout's doghouse.)

Lastly (but not leastly),

N8 ran JV in Winnemucca last Friday.

'Came in 6th. (out of 36),

and medaled.

Go N8!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ah-Ha, FaMe!

Last Friday, at 3:00 p.m.,
it was 90 degrees,

and CCHS ran cross country in Fernley.

CCHS boys took the meet.

(Above is my favorite runner.)

3.1 miles of fun--
up and down two hills

'Got H2O?

There are only 4 CCHS girls who
compete in cross country.
They need five to have a team.

Last week, they gave out medals
to the top six.
(Chels came in 7th.)
This week, Chels came in 6th., and

they gave out medals to the first five.
Winnemucca's tomorrow. We figure she will
come in fourth for the girls.
(Of course, they might only give medals out to the first three.)
'Want to read more about CCHS's Cross Country team?
'Take a look here:

Friday, October 1, 2010

RuN, rUn, RuN aWaY!

Oops, a little late in posting....
The Dayton Meet!
Our favored male contestant!

The last leg of 3.2 miles

Go, N8!
He does very well. His time improves each week.

(B.T.W.: The Fallon Boys almost took 1st., 2nd., and 3rd. but
got lost and came in the wrong way. The course wasn't too
well marked.)

Now, Chels is off and running!

'Coming through the finish line
(She was 7th. in the girls' division.)

In a few hours,
they'll be running away in Fernley.
(Stay tuned for breaking news.)