Monday, April 11, 2011


Fernley Invitational...

windy and cold!

64 runners in the 1600 meter

(Do you see him in the pack?)

Go N8!


'Not a personal best,

but strong, and Loomis next week...

so just you wait. :)

Go, Bug!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

CoNfErEnCe WeEkEnD!

We always love General Conference.

We listen and take note

of what is said.
The Spirit speaks to each of us individually,

we learn what we can do to bring our lives more in line with our Father in Heaven.

I love the peace and happiness it brings.

Happy Conference, everyone!

Friday, April 1, 2011



Chelsie was crowned Princess of Monaco,

accepted to BYU as a sophomore on a full-ride academic scholarship,

given an honorary early drivers license for her exceptional driving skills,
asked by Sports Illustrated to be one of their swimsuit models,

and given her very own car by her father.

Today, N8, on the other hand....

received not only his Eagle Scout but also a Silver Beaver award,

was the number 1 runner at the meet at Reed,

was asked to represent BYU at an academic conference,

and Disney Channel would like him to star in their newest sitcom.

Today, Craig...

was named "Vet of the Year",

asked to be a presidential nominee for 2012,

and was given the assignment to speak in General Conference this weekend.

What a GREAT day!

('Hope your Friday, April 1st. is just as rewarding!)