Monday, October 31, 2011

A bLoG wItH tHe DoG

As we enter the last week of October,
we find our children studying with the dog.

It was Parent-Teacher Conference week,
and, of course,
the teachers need treats.

I rearranged the file cabinet in the kitchen.
(Okay, not too enlightening.  Hmm, maybe I should have included a before picture.  Then I might have heard some "oooohs" and "aaaaahs".
(Then again, maybe not.)

Chels and N8 ran Regional X Country at San Rafael Park.

3.1 miles up and down.
Chels placed 28th. out of 48.
(23:38--a PR for Chels)

Here comes N8!

Gun it!
N8 placed 36th. out of 61.

Then, we took off for Tahoe.
(Since Tyler's parents ran away, he came along.)

We went hiking.

The beaches were empty.

You couldn't ask for a prettier day.

There's a survey marker on top of that rock.
('Guess who discovered it?)

The lake is still high.

Our fearless hike leader and guide extraordinaire

Craig's very favorite daughter

'Had to make another pie--this time coconut cream.

Spooky enchiladas for Halloween dinner
(As if my meals aren't scary enough to eat on their own!)

In a desperate attempt to find more notebook paper,
Chels cleaned out another file cabinet.
(I could get used to this!)

And that's about it!
(It is definitely Fall.)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A LiTtLe BiT oF tHiS aNd A lItTlE bIt Of ThAt

This week contained a mishmash of events.

F.D. Craig flew to LV for his last meeting for the NV Board of Veterinarians.
They gave him a cool NV plaque and a gavel.
(As president of the board, he had previously just used that little doctor thing that they bonk your knees with as a gavel.)

This is a random pic of N8 and Chels up for Seminary and eating breakfast.
They do not appreciate photographs in the morning.
(Can you believe how dark it is outside???)

Craig has been spending a lot of time out in Smith Creek, vacinnating, preg-checking, t.b. testing, floating horses' teeth, spaying--you name it.
He drove out early Thursday morning and didn't make it back until Saturday afternoon.
He had to venture out there again today after attending an early Church Sacrament meeting.
He'll be there until tomorrow morning and then hurry back for an 11:30 appointment.
(The "ox was in the mire".)
He's been a busy man.
No pictures of the current event here.  This is actually a picture of the Bug in 2003 helping his father at the ranch.  (He was 6.)

The kids ran ROP this week.
'Yep, that's "Rite of Passage"--the juvenile delinquint school.
I accidentally deleted a bunch of pictures.
This is my only one of N8.
(Look at the green runner, then behind him at the white and blue runner, and then once more at the head with the black sweatband--that's him!
(He placed 27th. out of 104.)

Here's Chels running with the Varsity girls.

'Rounding one of the last bends....

And into the home stretch!
(Chels placed 23rd. out of 49.)

Stake Primary Leadership was Friday.
Our theme?  "Easy as Pie!"
Hence, we needed a pie...or 6.
How about a sour cream lemon?

Or a cookie pizza "pie" (for those who don't like pie.)

Maybe a carmel apple pecan?
(There was pumpkin, fresh peach, and tart cherry too.)

Last, but not least...
it's Primary Sacrament Program time.
We've attended 5 in the last 2 weeks.
They've been oh-so-very good!
This is a giant CTR toothbrush to remind our Primary children to read their scriptures for 2 minutes each and every day.
(If you're wondering what a toothbrush has anything to do with reading the scriptures every day, just ask, and I'll let you know.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

To SpArKs AnD BeYoNd!

Another Friday...another XC meet!

This time running the hills at San Rafael Park.

Up, up, up and down, down, down, and under the freeway and back again

And alas, the finish line!

Chels placed 29th. out of the 87 girls running.

(Actually 22nd. on the adjusted scale)

Here's N8 rounding a bend, then through a tunnel,
under the freeway, up and down various hills...

and then back out the tunnel.
Pass that boy!

On the home stretch!
N8 placed 46th. (44th. adjusted)
out of 161.
Saturday was Stake Temple Day.
It's sure fun to all be in the temple at the same time.
(We didn't get a picture, but here's one from 2004.)
Have a super week!

Monday, October 10, 2011

WhAt A WeEkEnD!

This weekend began in Winnemucca
where Chels and N8 ran X country last Friday.

Can you see Chels?
(She's the one with the green hairband.)

Chels had a cold all week...

yet still ran strong.

My favorite part was about 100 yards from the end.
(A girl was about 50 yards ahead of her.
Even with her cold, she sprinted ahead,
and almost passed her.)

The boys ran next--

a goodly number of them.

N8 ran rapidly

and was the 3rd. CCHS runner across the finish line.

From there,
we packed up, and
drove to Cedar City...

where Easton was baptized.

It was a wondeful day!
Here are Chels and Ady.
(She's Der and Marie's and getting so beautiful and big!)

Cami's a great cook.
She fed us well.
(Can you say, "Yum"?)

We took walks,
(Lily wanted a picture by Der + Marie's car.)

stayed warm,

and played together.
 It was a fun, wonderful, quick trip!
After Church on Sunday,
we headed home.

You go right through Panaca on the way,
so we went by F.D. Dad's gravesite

to put flowers on his grave.

Yes, it was a terrific weekend!