Sunday, August 28, 2011

To tHe LaKe...LaHoNtAn, tHaT iS!

Oooh, FDC had a day off,
so what to do?
Venture down the way to....
the lake--
(Lake Lahontan, that is!)
Now, this is where you can see
famous personalities modeling the latest in...

life jacket attire!

Oh, yeah!

Pictured above, we find our altruistic,
illustrious jet ski instructor.

Prepare for mentorship!

"The key goes here.  Be wary of smacking large watercraft.
Attempt to not fall off.  Drowning is not only discouraged but frowned upon." 

N8 on his maiden voyage.


"Now keep it down to 55."


Congratulations on graduating from
Jet Ski School!

The end.

That's it, except for the fact that the dog
joined the hair club for dogs.


Oh, just a P.S. showing of our garden's bounty.

A pluffer of squash, too!
(We seriously need some new squash and tomato recipes.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sChOoL dAzE!

It's the 1st. day of school again.








It doesn't matter how old they get.
It's always hard to see them go.
Wow, it's quiet here, at home!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ThE LaSt HoOrAh Of SuMmEr!

School is beginning on Wednesday....

so last weekend,
we hopped in the car and headed for Tahoe.

'Probably shouldn't have let N8 drive, though.

Hmm, maybe a trolley bus would be safer.

There's so much to do--don't be a bump on a log!

What if we ride bikes?

And perhaps stop for some ice cream on the way?

Oh, come on--you can't still want to be a bump on a log!

Take off on those bikes,

And travel to distant shores!

Stop for a snack

Spy where the Tahoe flows into the Truckee

Then head back to relax

That's the last hoorah of summer.
(Stay posted next week to see if that smile remains
when school begins once more!)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AuGuSt???? We DoN't WaNt No StINkIn' AuGuSt....

because, that means school is rEaLlY close to starting.
Here's what we've been up to:

We hung out at the Ward Pioneer Celebration.
(Some of us hung out more then others.)

Chels and the YW helped with the festivities.

Craig participated in the pie eating contest.
(I think he actually won--never saw such a neat pie eater...
but the guy on his left stuck his whole face in
and pushed the pie all over the table.
He received 1st. place, but hey, anyone willing to do that
deserves the coveted award!)

The celebration was held at this really cool, man-made pond.
(A great place to relax on a summer evening)
The following day, N8 took off for BSA camp.
(He didn't take any pictures, so we had to use this one from last year.
He's changed quite a bit,
but I don't think those kybos have changed at all.)

So, what do you do while your bro's away at camp?
Why, get a used car.

Don't get the wrong idea--
it's not Chelsie's.
(We've just put a LOT of miles on our Pilot going to and fro to Reno and such.)
Still, Chels' older bros are going to be dismayed....

the truck they drove looked something more like this:

Well, now that it is August....
N8 got his braces off!

This was 1 1/2 years ago when he first had them put on.

This is now.

Whoa...what happened to my little boy????

Well, school starts on the 17th.

We'd better get some more rest!