Monday, May 14, 2012

i Do BeLiEvE iT's TiMe To BlOg!

First of all, here's Chelsie's rendition of Scout (her hero):

The annual "Bark in the Park" was held May 5th.
Chels ran the 5 k for the first time since....last October???
(It's been a while.)
She won her division though.
(She thinks it's because her high school friends were at a track meet.)
Yours truly jogged the course with Scout
who does not like to be on a leash.
(We took 1st. in our division too....but it was the "way-old " division.)
I tried and tried to get the pooch to drink H2O along the way--he wasn't interested in the least.
(I don't quite understand why a dog who will smell and eat just about anything will turn up his nose at a water bucket that other dogs have drank out of.)
I thought perhaps I had worn the poor little guy out until
 Chels' piano teacher (who had an ice cream booth) offered him a big scoop of vanilla.
He downed it within seconds.
(Now I wonder, do dogs get ice cream headaches???)

Last Friday and Saturday, CCHS hosted the NIAA Regional Track Meet.

Friday, N8 ran the 4 X 800.
His team placed 2nd. in the 3A Division.
The team (which consists of 3 seniors and he) broke CCHS's school record once more.
(He is so jazzed to be able to go to State with them.)
The bug also ran the 1600 m.
(That's 1 mile in layman's terms.)
5:00.10 --not a PR but okay for a 14 year-old with a cold and cough.

On Saturday, N8 ran the 800 m.
(That's the 1/2 mile.)
'Rounding the first curve, he began in lane 7.

By the final length, he had passed four runners.
Go, Bug, go!


He finished 5th.
Elko took 1st. and 2nd.
CCHS took 3rd., 4th, and 5th.
(1st. through 4th. were seniors.)
'Not bad for a 14 year-old--want to squeeze that baby boy!
CCHS took the 3A Regional title for the second year in a row.
(They are kind of happy.)

Now, onto to Mother's Day's fun:
Chels says this is a picture of the "Queen Mum"(Say in a British Accent).
He bbq-ed  us tri tip for dinner---yum!
(He didn't realize that I would have even loved a PB and J,
if I didn't have to make it!)

Mom, pictured above, is in relaxation mode.
She received two pairs of sharp scissors.
(If you're like me, you're always asking,
"Who took off with my scissors?????")

Gma Schank came over for dinner too.
(She's lots of fun.)

I made a reversible jacket for my F.D. Momma-Dear.
('Don't know if it fits, but you know Mom's--
they LOVE anything that their kids make them, right?)

Also made her an envelope with all of our names on it.

As tradition, Craig filled my grow boxes with flowers.
(Can you even see them way back there?  Boy, it is certainly green and beautiful right now!)

And he and I took a walk to the cemetery and put pink and yellow flowers
(her favorite colors)
 on Joanne's grave.

It was a beautiful day, and super fun weekend.
'Hope yours was too!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

To GrAnDmA's AnD bEyOnD!

Our journey begins with Chels at CCHS. 
She was inducted into Honors Society.

Dad is proud.

Our travels next take us to Zephyr Cover where it snowed
(a lot)...

and where we watched the 182nd. General Conference.
Favorite talk?  Hmm, I think Elder Holland's:
with Elder Uchtdorf's a close second:

Home again, home again
(to wallpaper the entry hall.)
A before photo:
Okay, so this one's really old,
but it was the only one I could fine.
(Merry Christmas--4 years ago.)

And poof!
...An after photo!

Now, quickly sew an Easter dress for a
darling granddaughter.
('Really doesn't matter what it looks like,
because she is so cute
anything looks adorable on her!)

And then off to...

where you ride on...

Thunder Mountain,

pose for pictures on Splash Mountain,

eat churros,


hang out with pirates.

The Matterhorn's still there
but it's closed for renovation.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle's still there too.

But I think my current favorite ride is the
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

(It's way too amazingly clever.)

Of course, Mr. Toad's wild ride is always great.

The day before Easter, we traversed to the LA Temple.

Chels and her cousin, Kaylee, babysat outside while...
my sweet sis-in-law went through
for the first time.

(What a great day!)

We were at my favorite darling mother's home
for her fabulous Easter egg hunt...

where if you look high and low...
you can collect quite a bit of candy and cash.

N8 says, "Grandma's house is definitely
the happiest place on earth"...

"with the temple a close second,
and Disneyland a third!"

(Happy belated Easter, everyone!)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It'S bEeN lIkE fOrEvEr!

have we fallen off the edge of the earth?????

Nope, we've just been to the
Las Vegas Temple,

 and the Western States Vet. Conference.

(Did you notice the famous duo?
'Yep, Chels won a $100 Visa giftcard
for her photo of Pe and Scout.)
We've been visiting darling grandchildren,
(feeding them wholesome food),

and wearing them out!

Chels and I went to Oakland
for a nephew's temple wedding.

We got to see all of our F.D. relatives.
(That's my wonderful mom next to me.)
Here are the bros, sisses, bros-in-law,
and sis-in-law of the groom.
(My niecies and nephews)

My f.d.b. sister and Chels.
(They like to talk math.  Hmmm, am I related???)
Oh, and, by the way, the h.s. counselor just told me that Chels is no. 1 in her class of 326.
Chels's response: "I really don't care about ranking.  I mean, no. 1 in Fallon?  Not anything special."
'Glad she's in it for the learning.
('Still not certain, if I'm related.)

My f.d.b. brother
(father of the groom)
Meanwhile, N8's been in Idaho for the Gem State Classic
Dance Competition.
(Their team took 4th. in the Latin and in the Novelty.)

I cleaned the pantry.
(Oh, come on, at least act surprised!)

Track's back and N8's been running away
at Silver Sage,

in Fernley,

and Fallon.

He medaled!
(2nd. in 800, 2nd. in 4x800, and 4th. in 1600 in Galena.
2nd. in 4x800 in Fallon.)
Go, Mr. Bug!

Okay, that's it.
Wake up and go back to something important.
(Be sure to have a fantastic week!)