Sunday, March 25, 2012

It'S bEeN lIkE fOrEvEr!

have we fallen off the edge of the earth?????

Nope, we've just been to the
Las Vegas Temple,

 and the Western States Vet. Conference.

(Did you notice the famous duo?
'Yep, Chels won a $100 Visa giftcard
for her photo of Pe and Scout.)
We've been visiting darling grandchildren,
(feeding them wholesome food),

and wearing them out!

Chels and I went to Oakland
for a nephew's temple wedding.

We got to see all of our F.D. relatives.
(That's my wonderful mom next to me.)
Here are the bros, sisses, bros-in-law,
and sis-in-law of the groom.
(My niecies and nephews)

My f.d.b. sister and Chels.
(They like to talk math.  Hmmm, am I related???)
Oh, and, by the way, the h.s. counselor just told me that Chels is no. 1 in her class of 326.
Chels's response: "I really don't care about ranking.  I mean, no. 1 in Fallon?  Not anything special."
'Glad she's in it for the learning.
('Still not certain, if I'm related.)

My f.d.b. brother
(father of the groom)
Meanwhile, N8's been in Idaho for the Gem State Classic
Dance Competition.
(Their team took 4th. in the Latin and in the Novelty.)

I cleaned the pantry.
(Oh, come on, at least act surprised!)

Track's back and N8's been running away
at Silver Sage,

in Fernley,

and Fallon.

He medaled!
(2nd. in 800, 2nd. in 4x800, and 4th. in 1600 in Galena.
2nd. in 4x800 in Fallon.)
Go, Mr. Bug!

Okay, that's it.
Wake up and go back to something important.
(Be sure to have a fantastic week!)

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Jamie said...

Wow! you guys have been busy! The wedding looked so fun and so beautiful. Todd sure found a great one. N8 is talented! That's cool he does ballroom dance. way to go! I need to teach Danny how to dance. hmm...someday :) How fun!