Monday, June 27, 2011

BeFoReS AnD AfTeRs - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"But..." you may ask
"what did you do while Chels and N8 were at EFY?????
This blog comes with a warning label:
The following post may cause drowsiness and sleep.
(But we have this weird thing of liking to take before and after shots,
so sit up, stretch, and try to stay with me for a minute.)

Here is a picture of the fix-it-up chappie (right)
his very favorite faithful cohort (left). 

A weathered deck here

A new-improved stained deck

(This home also now houses my family room couch.  'Thought we just might possibly take better care of a brand, new one than your average BYU student.  Of course, that just means, our family room's pretty empty right now.  If you come by, there's room for doing cartwheels or hula-hooping at present.)

Okay, who ran into the fence???
Poof! Fixed and wonderful!
An unsightly shed
and wahlah!
(You could rent it as a spare room to your noisy teenager!)
Eaves needing painting
Eaves no longer needing painting
Old bathtub in backyard
It now lives in Fallon.
('Not certain if it's going on craigslist or
perhaps will don a room in our home someday when we remodel a bath.)
Time for a trim here
and here.
Tight and tidy!
So where's the gate?
Back in place, reinforced, and restained
Ooooh, renter trampled couches
replaced by
craigslist couches

Tsk, tsk, look at the fascia!
(But first, maybe you had better tell me how to spell "fascia--facia--???")

Ah, now that looks nice!
Unsightly mailboxes

Hmm, I'm beginning to feel like Martha Stewart.
('Haven't done any prison time, however.)
Worn deck
New, improved

Okay, so this is what happens
when you let your sprinklers
constantly hit your outside wall.
('Forgot to take an after pick,
but the fix-it-up chappie is amazing, isn't he?
And he's all mine!)

No TiMe To SnOrE...We'Re Up To PaRt FoUr!

What do you do when you leave Cedar City?
Why, head out to Provo for

But first, it's always a good idea to pick up a cute cousin
to go with you.
Check in at the Marriott Center.

Grab your packets.  Get your lanyard.

Make sure you're living the standards,
and you're ready to go!
N8 stayed in May Hall.
Chels was in Taylor.

And, there they go.

 Now, let's take a peak at the
photos they took.
 Ah ha.
 Um hmmm.
 I see.

(I think he's been like that,
since, I took him
to Relief Society as a little, bitty baby.)

 And Chels?
That's one BIG group!
(10 boys & 22 girls?)

 Pretty scary for the girls!

Chels turned sweet 16 while there.

We sure love her!

CeDaR CiTy, FaThEr'S DaY-- YiPpEe, PaRt ThReE

So, now we're off to Cedar City....
destination of great-looking  kids...

(here's Talon modeling the latest in
"get yourself ready for Church",

 Easton with "How to Look Handsome, Part 1"

  "Part 2"),

beautiful homes.

(I want that kitchen!)

It was Father's Day, too.




the man
 of my dreams,

my own favorite, darling Dad!