Sunday, June 27, 2010

MiSsEd ThIs OnE

I read the Friend every month.

I really do. I enjoy the sweet stories and articles.
I look for things that might help our ward Primaries, but...

I guess that I skimmed this page a little too much.
I remember looking at the photos of the ward Primaries and reading about what they were doing.
Take a closer look at the bottom right hand corner.

'Didn't even notice it.
A friend emailed to tell me it was there.
He's 13 now and still organist--takes a while for publication, I think.
'Proud of you, N8!
(Thanks, Amy, for letting me know.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

15 YeArS aGo ToDaY!

Just 15 short years ago....

F.D.H.H. Craig was 40, a Bishop, and a veterinarian,

Jared was 18, just graduated from CCHS, and a valedictorian.

Brandon was 15, running cross country, and the ward organist,

Darren was 11, a little league catcher, and all around cute boy,
the boys got a sister!

Happy birthday, Chelsie, to a wOnDeRfUl, BeAuTiFuL, iNtElIgEnT, sWeEt SiStEr AnD DaUgHtEr!
(We love YOU so very much!)
happy Father's Day to a number 1 Dad!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No MoRe PEnCiLs, No MoRe BoOkS...

Last Friday

was the last day of school!!!!!!


I think that I posted first day of school pictures,

so how about some last day photos?

Here's N8.

If this photo looks rather green, you are probably just envious that we are out of school.

(Either that or I'm looking for a new camera--any suggestions?)

And, here's Chels.

(Bring it on, summer!)

'Going home on the bus.

See ya'!

So, what's in store for Summer?

Well, Monday, 'got the kids up at 7:30 a.m. to pull weeds for an hour.

(This is a before picture--sorry no "afters", but the irises are pretty, huh?)
Then 'had them run Rattlesnake Hill.

(Dad has informed them that they are going out for Cross Country this fall.)

Then a hair cut, piano lessons, and....

because they were alive and still kicking,

the day was topped off with painting a rental for FHE.

They were good sports.

Thank goodness!

Next week is YW Camp. In desperation,

the Bishop asked me to go. (They need more leaders.)

There's still 7 feet of snow there.

Two years ago

(You can see how helpful I am.)

Kaylee, Cassie, and Chels

Camp will last four days, and then we'll hurry home to take off to...

St. George

for a nephew's wedding.

A lot of our family will be there.

What fun!