Sunday, May 1, 2011

WhAt??? It'S MaY?!

Woo-hoo, it's May...

and in it's honor,

we had better do a recap of April.

Nephew Danny's getting married this month.

And in a spirit of celebration,

we're making stuff...

13 little skirts


17 little ties.

Throw in a few headbands--just in case.

Easter break came...

and so did Matthew!

Time for an ATV ride or two!

('Gotta watch that grandson--he zooms!)

Up the hill to the top of Rattlesnake

for a ride or two.

'Off to Dayton for N8's track meet.

What's that? (Gpa does, "See no evil",

"Hear no evil",

and "Smell no evil" on Matthew.)

Then back to the airport.

(We miss you, Matt-Moose!)

Gma celebrated her 81st.

(or was that her 34th.?)

We surely love her!

We celebrated with a family Easter bday dinner

and an indoor egg hunt.

(It was toooooo windy to hold it outside.)

'Back to the track...

this time in Yerington.

1660 m for N8.

('Came in 4th. in his heat.)

Then the 800 m.

'Came in 7th.

(A good day of P.R.'s!)

So it's May.

Only 5 weeks of school left--