Friday, July 30, 2010

wHeN ThE gIrLs ArE aWaY....

tHe BoYs Go To CaMp!

(BSA Camp Fleischmann, that is)
'Yep, N8 and his dad spent a week there...
working on merit badges;

(I think having a girl counselor must be a perk?)

climbing walls;

and having fun.
(Although my definition of "fun" would not include the use of kybos!)
And where were Chels and I?????

Why, in LA with Gma!
Der, Marie, and Carter joined us, and we went to the beach!
We really missed our scouts, but what a great week!

Friday, July 23, 2010

OnLy ThEiR hAiRdReSsErS kNoW fOr SuRe....

Okay, so I know it's hot, but yesterday
we came home from Grandma Mathews'
to find Maddie, our welsh corgi,
looking like this:

Buzz job!
('Bet she's cool, however.)
Which only leaves me to wonder,
what will Craig and N8 look like
when they return from
BSA Camp????


Sunday, July 11, 2010

WoRn OuT

'Sorry about no blogs lately.
Life's been busy.
'Just finished a week where we,
as a family,
had to overcome disillusions and discouragement,
put our shoulders to the wheel,
and work from daylight 'til far past dark
while unfortunately just scratching the surface of so many labors that need to be performed.
at least we were together as a family,
Chels and N8 were real troopers,
and we are all healthy.
(It's so important to keep a perspective.)
We didn't take any pictures.
How about some photos from Father's Day weekend instead?

Chels had YW Camp 'til Friday, June 18th.

(She was quite the markswoman, so we heard.)

Since Chels was gone, the dog had to keep N8 company that week.
When Chels got home that Friday afternoon,
we drove until we made it to BJ & Cami's home in Cedar City.

The next morning, we took off the St. George Temple where...

Devin and Lyndee were married.
It's a beautiful temple.

It's always wonderful to be in the temple...

but even more grand to be in the temple
with family!

A wedding luncheon was held that afternoon with

the reception in the evening. BJ, Cami, Darren, Marie, and our grandchildren were all there.


Chels and her cousins were at the guestbook table.

(These two are going to EFY at BYU ID later this summer.

They're very excited.)

Even F.D.N. Toby, who is an EMT in Afghanistan, came.

('So good to see him!)

The day was also special, because it was my mother's

82nd. birthday. (She is so loved and so amazing!)

The wedding vehicle looked terrific!

We spend Sunday (Father's Day) in Cedar City. Thanks, BJ and Cami! We love you so!

And happy Father's Day, FDC!

We drove home on Monday.

What fun!