Sunday, September 25, 2011

ThE FiRsT OfFiCiAl 3-A MeEt!

So, last Friday marked the very first, official 3-A Cross Country Meet of the Season,

Grandma came!

There were exactly 100 boys running.

3.1 miles of fun in the hot sun!

Rounding the last corner

And our favored boy comes in 17th.!

The girls line up.

There's 34 of them.

And, Chels came in 12th.

'So fun to have Gma there!
(Next stop....Fernley.)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

ReAdY oR nOt...HeRe CoMeS MoNdAy!

Another week came and went, and here's the latest:

N8 and Chels ran XC at North Tahoe.

3.3 miles of of varsity fun
(N8 finished 66 out of over 200.)

We got new family room furniture.

Somehow it seems so crowded...
(I'm thinkin' it's probably because we haven't had a couch since June.)

And we facetimed some of our grandkids.

Pretty cute crew, if I do say so myself!

Oh, and by the way--
Scout got a dental, (oooh, fresh breath)

Pequop got tutored.
(I am happy to say that they are now both back to their
happy, normal selves.)
Have a super fantastic week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WoW...tHiS wEeKeNd JuSt RaN bY!

The weekend came.
The weekend went.
(But it was a lot of fun!)
The kids had a XC meet in Zephyr Cove.
Both ran Varsity
3.2 miles

Go, Chelsie, go!!!

Run, N8, run!

CCHS Varsity Boys

'Coming around the first lap
(Can you see, N8?)

Proud Momma-Bear
After the race, since we were already there,
we spent the night in Tahoe.

'Didn't take any pictures.
Here's an old one from 2008.
(Do you think anyone's changed?)

Saturday evening, we were back in Fallon for the annual piano recital.

Chels played a Chopin Etude.

N8 played the Minute Waltz and Waterfall.
(I'm such a nerd.  I love the classical music!)

It was also Stake Conference weekend.
No, this is not a current picture.
(It's actually 6 years old now, but, of course we didn't take any photos at Stake Conference.)
It was a good meeting, however.

And, that's it for the weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OoOoOoH, LaBoR DaY!

Did you get your daily dose of fun this Labor Day?
N8 and his "Chemistry Organizer".

Now, off to Garnerville for the first X country meet of the season!

The CCHS Boys' (hey, who invited that girl???) Track Team

And the sophomores are off!
Can you see the bug?
Our favorite male runner!

At the finish line!

And now for the girls' team!

And the juniors are off!
Can you find Chels?

Our favorite female runner!
Go, go, go!

The finish line, at last!
(Both kids took 2 minutes off last year's times.)
Good job!

Elsewhere in the news... Craig moved the plow.
(He winced every time Chels backed the car out.  He winces no more.)

 Stay tuned next week for the annual piano recital!
'Sure hope the dog learns his part!