Monday, April 26, 2010

HaPpY 80tH. bIrThDaY, gRaNdMa ScHaNk!

This cute chick turned 80 on Wednesday:

(Churchill County High School Graduation)

Here she is as a toddler:

And here she is as a young girl:

You can see why Grandpa fell for her.

Here are her offspring:

Here she is at our wedding:
This is she and Grandpa on their mission
to the Seoul, Korea Temple:

Here are some shots of us having fun with Grandma:

(Carving pumpkins; Mother's Day)

(An Easter Egg hunt; Out in Stillwater)

And here she is at her 80th. family birthday party dinner.

We all certainly love Grandma.
She's wonderful!
P.S. In other breaking news:

N8 receives his Star Scout.
(More news at 11:00.)

Monday, April 19, 2010

'LoVe ThOsE wEeKeNdS!

Remember last week,
when the jet ski trailer took a transformation into
an ATV/Scout Camp trailer?

Well, this weekend, we tried it out!

We tried to find the end of Indian Lakes Road.

(I don't think there is one!)

And then, we went riding!

N8's a much better driver than me.
(After clipping a tree, I put him in the driver's seat!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

EaStEr BrEaK!

As you remember in last week's episode....
we left you in Tahoe watching Conference
where it had snowed.
This week's entry takes us to the joys at home
during Easter Break
(where dreaded visions of school, homework, and awaking early are nonexistant);

where N8 went on a puzzle binge while...

Chels window-shopped to her heart's content!

Meanwhile, back at home, Craig changed a jet ski trailer into a
ATV/BSA Camping Equipment Hauling apparatus.

The cousins came to play!

N8 and Chels hung out,
And everyone played with the dog!
How was your Easter Break?
'Sure hope it was a happy one!
P.S. Can you tell anything different about Chels?
(She got braces!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

hApPy EaStEr, HaPpY cOnFeReNcE!

Craig had a 3-day weekend so...
we took off to Tahoe!
It snowed!
(Is it Spring yet???)
We watched General Conference.
(It was really GREAT!)

And, just enjoyed each other!
What a great Easter!
We're thankful for our Savior
who made it possible to be together, forever!